Brand Controll Rooms

About us

Brand Control Rooms designs and manufactures sustainable innovative customized solutions, ranging from just a 24-hour work till completely furnished rooms.

We are the custom made producer and turnkey designer of central control rooms, dealing rooms, dispatch centres, operation centres, broadcast centres and remote operations centres. Our specialty is transforming empty shells or dated spaces into fully furnished efficient spaces that are fully aligned to the operational process where work can be carried out safely, healthily and efficiently.

We take on specific challenges concerning air conditioning, acoustics and/or lighting and offer suitable solutions. We manage, produce and supply all projects ourselves, making us extremely flexible. Brand Control Rooms is constantly searching for innovations to further improve our products and to process the most ultimate solutions in projects. Full of passion, we integrate novelties in our high-grade custom made furniture and in the complete design of your environment. This gives us an absolutely unique position in the market.


We strongly believe in the power of people. People are central in our methods and products. We become enthusiastic about cooperation where one plus one equals three. A partnership in which we work from an intrinsic drive to make our solutions even more attractive, smarter and better.

We seek this in our customers, partners and in our team. Over the past few years, aiming for perfection from the passion for our trade has led to long-term, solid relations and made us a reliable partner for a variety of projects.