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Focus Desk, developed for ergonomic ease of use

The Focus Desks, exclusively developed by Brand Control Rooms, are innovative, high-quality control desks, each with a design that is completely dedicated to ergonomic user-friendliness. A design that also takes every posture and disability into account. The desks offer the best possible tools, which enable operators to focus optimally. The Focus Desk is available in many colors and three versions, varying in size and number of accessories. The desk is modular, which means that a suitable desk is available for every branch and application.

The Focus Desk is fully equipped. The many features together make the most efficient workplace, on which  can be worked concentrated, safe and healthy. The practical design is aimed at keeping all attention at work. For example, the back of the monitors is shielded with an acoustic panel, which not only has a decorative function, but also contributes to better speech intelligibility. The extremely strong and scratch-free worktop, made of solid core HPL, offers various integration options for any AV equipment and electrical solution that can be shielded at the bottom of the worktop.

The many features together make the most efficient workplace, on which  can be worked concentrated, safe and healthy.

The design also contributes to optimum cable management, thanks to the integrated cable tray under the worktop, which conceals all 230v socket outlets and cabling, and the flexible cable carriers that safely roll up and down in the sides of the chassis. From here the cabling runs in the naturally ventilated technology cabinet, which offers space for various equipment such as 19 "racks and PCs. Data and electrical cables can be supplied and connected from the floor via recesses in the bottom of the cabinet. Although the equipment, cables and integrated adjustment system are neatly concealed, everything is easily accessible for service and maintenance. In addition to being practical, the design is also tasteful and customized to your personal preferences and workplace environment. The acoustic panel for instance is available in various colors and sizes. Just like the worktop, the monitor support system and the powder-coated chassis. In addition, the worktop can be adjusted in shape and dimensions to create a streamlined set-up when several desks are placed next to each other.

Ergonomic desk for the most healthy work situation

The design of the Focus Desk meets the highest ergonomic requirements and latest NEN-EN standards. Thanks to the split-level model, a healthy working posture can be adopted by every user. At the touch of a button both the worktop and the monitors can be electrically adjusted from sitting to standing height. The adjustment of the monitor support system can be operated separately from the worktop and is standardly equipped with a pinch / impact protection. As a result, the viewing lines and angles on the LCD monitors are always easy to adjust to the most healthy situation.

Which Focus Desk suits you? Our desk analysis gives clarity

The Focus Desk is available in three versions, varying in size and number of accessories. The Focus Desk I can be used for example from 2 to 10 24" monitors. The Focus Desk II is a lot bigger and meant for work situations where more monitors are desired. This desk offers space for a maximum of 14 24 "monitors. For the most extensive control rooms, there is the Focus Desk III, a special version that can be expanded with many additional accessories, such as extra technology cabinets, ESD control panels, button panels and touch screens integrated into the worktop.

In order to make the right choice, you can contact us for a desk analysis. This analysis provides insight into the number of monitors required, the desired shape of the worktop, the required communication tools, whether or not integrated in the worktop, and other specifications that must be met. You get the Focus Desk that matches your work situation. We ensure that all furniture and equipment are matched. That is our turnkey approach.    

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