Brand Controll Rooms

IT and audiovisual solutions, efficiency and user-friendliness combined

Security and control rooms serve as a central nervous system. A centralized hub from which important processes are coordinated and controlled. This stands or falls with the availability of the right information and the way in which this information is presented to operators. That is why it is important that every control room has reliable and future-oriented audiovisual equipment and IT solutions that not only work adequately, but which are also well installed and integrated. Such that all information sources are well coordinated, guarantee good visibility and intelligibility at every angle and thus contribute to fast and correct communication. Brand Control Rooms is your specialist for the installation and integration of AV and IT solutions.

AV solutions and audiovisual installations

The visibility and intelligibility of audiovisual information depends to a great extent on the quality of monitors and large-screen displays. Brand Control Rooms offers a wide range of professional, 24/7-proof LED displays and large screens, which meet the requirements and are equipped with ultra-thin bezels. The sharp image of the monitors (mostly 4K) and the latest software technologies contribute to higher, faster and better productivity. The LED panels have a very long lifespan, making them suitable for continuous use and have a slim design that occupies minimal space.

In addition to our large range of 24/7 LED displays, we also offer various, professional large format monitors. Here too, the sharp 4K images and touch technology, combined with the latest software, make the systems suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be used as a personal video wall, directly behind a desk, or as central video wall in the room, by combining multiple monitors in a group. The larger size and the very thin bezels mean that the fixed content or moving images overflow smoothly and sharply across the monitors or form one image. All systems have their own cooling systems and offer the possibility to integrate a mini-PC into the screen.

IT solutions

Techniques for security and control rooms innovate at an unprecedented pace. The operating conditions and environment of your operators should be optimally aligned with this. The challenge here is to coordinate all available hardware, software, video techniques and engineering for command & control as much as possible. The result: a maximized concentration capacity of your operators. And therefore optimum safety. Thanks to collaboration with renowned IT partners, we are able to design complete customized solutions for your security and control rooms and integrate IT-technically in a fully compatible way. New is the application of two large-screen monitors (4K), which replace a quad-set of 24 "screens. The big advantage of this is that the user benefits from one large, sharp and calm image, due to fact that there are no unnecessary monitor edges present. Another novelty is our process control with one mouse and one keyboard, which allows the user to control, access and view all the necessary resources. This 'clean desk' solution contributes to a greater efficiency and user-friendliness.

IT and AV solutions based on customization

The most diverse combinations are possible in the implementation of the necessary audiovisual installations and IT solutions. It is important to integrate them in the right way, so that they provide you with the information that is necessary to make choices, set priorities and to make decisions. That works differently in every control room. That is why we advise all our AV and IT solutions based on customization. Using our desk and TUNASS® analyses, among other things, we provide insight into which solutions are most relevant for your control room. How many monitors and camera images does each operator need at a minimum? Which communication equipment is required? The technical possibilities are virtually unlimited, but what is the ideal composition for your control room? Only one exists. We can help you to find that composition.

In order to ensure that audiovisual solutions become a perfectly functioning part of the total control room, they must be properly integrated into the total environment and its complete layout. The visibility of the information is not only depending on the monitor, but also on it’s height, the distance to the desk and even the position of the desk, relative to the other desks. To ensure that everything is coordinated with each other, it is necessary to have the installation of the technology and the layout of the control room integrated by one experienced party. With our turnkey approach we can arrange that for you.