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About us

Brand Control Rooms designs and manufactures sustainable, innovative made-to-measure solutions, varying from a single 24-hour workspace to comprehensively fitted-out areas. We supply emergency and security services, governments and multinationals custom-made furniture and also incident response and control rooms, dealing rooms, control centres, remote control operations centres with turn-key solutions. 


We transform empty (shell) or dated spaces into completely equipped, efficient spaces that are completely tailored to the operational process and where people can work safely, healthily and efficiently.

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In-house experts run all our projects

We have the in-house expertise to transform all your operational challenges into effective made-to-measure solutions, for example ergonomic 24/7 furniture, biodynamic lighting, acoustic solutions or professional audio-visual facilities. We are continually on the lookout for innovations for the further improvement of our products and to incorporate ultimate solutions in our projects. Making us really quite unique in the market. All projects are run in-house and it is thanks to this that you benefit from our knowledge, flexibility and thorough approach.


We believe in the strength in people. Everything we do and create is focused on people. We truly embrace a society where one plus one equals three. A partnership in which we work together and are deeply motivated to improve our solutions, making them better and smarter.  


We look for this in our clients, partners and within our team. Striving for perfection from a passion for our craft has led to long-lasting, solid relationships in recent years and has made us a reliable partner for a variety of projects.

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Made in-house

The design and manufacture of furniture right through to complete interiors has always been our speciality. Although we employ the latest design software and manufacturing facilities, we have not lost our artisan roots. All the necessary (made-to-measure) furniture is manufactured by us in-house in our fully automated factory, employing the latest computer-controlled software and our professional interior fitters. With an eye for detail, we build cabinet walls, pantries, housings for video walls, reception desks and, of course, our desks. 

Certified installation

Our products are installed on site by certified fitters according to the highest VCA standards. They are aware of the working conditions in which they work and are trained to work in conformance with the sometimes extremely high safety and hygiene requirement of control rooms and medium-care spaces. Following the installation, the products are inspected for functionality and appearance with the help of a strict site acceptance test, after which the project handover takes place.

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