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What plants can do for your control room

The trend in newly designed control rooms is the addition of decorative plants that enhance the atmosphere.

Military Boekelo 2022

Together with Leferink, we sponsored the Military in Boekelo, Overijssel for the first time this year.

We Keep You Focused in our Experience Center

The fitting of the first made-to-measure cabinet is the kick-off for the complete renovation of our Experience Center in Deventer.

Takeover Brand Control Rooms Deventer

"Together we form a fantastic club of companies for the design of (company) buildings where the user is central.''

EuroChem benefits from our TUNASS approach

Currently, a renovation is underway creating new space for a new control room, back office areas, meeting rooms and a kitchen

TUNASS analysis for Radboudumc

In order to come to an effective design, we offer the possibility to come to a fitting concept with the help of our consultants.

Customised video wall casing

The conceptualisation, the technical elaboration in 3D drawing software and the assembly remain craftsmanship.

Roadmap for transforming control space

Because this is a 24/7 operational room with complex structural elements, such as a 5-metre high ceiling, a structural floor with a raised section of three large arches, poor acoustics, it was decided to redesign the room using a step-by-step plan.

Project in progress: 2nd control room with biodynamic lighting system for Shell

In collaboration with professional lighting experts, Brand Control rooms has developed a thorough lighting system that fully meets the high demands placed on biodynamic lighting.

Modular raised floor systems for any area

The stands are mounted directly on the architectural floor, on which antistatic plastic damping plates and the tiles are placed.

Focus desk II customised for Covestro

With some pride we can say that most Belgian companies come to us through word of mouth, including the request from Covestro in Antwerp.

Consultancy approach helps Sabic achieve successful layout design

An environment that feels pleasant and is optimally attuned to the operational process.

Innovative lighting solution for Shell

This solution uses high quality LED lighting to simulate a day and night cycle in which daylight changes during the day from cool white light in the morning to warm white light in the evening.

Over 100 Brand ON24h chairs for Schiphol

How a simple idea became a market runner.


Nedmag Minning renewed

We recently completed the control room at Nedmag Minning in Veendam.

Prestigious foreign project

We were commissioned by a petrochemical company from abroad to design a large control room, secondary control rooms and all back office areas.

Antibacterial work surfaces for the KMAR

A new feature is the use of antibacterial sheet material, from which we manufactured the worktops and technical cabinets for the tables.

Focus Desk uniquely integrated into BP control room

Five Focus Desks merged into one custom made solution.

Realisation new control room for TU Delft

For the filling of the 24/7 workplaces we have used our modular and widely sold Brand Focus Desk with a personal video wall, equipped with 4 large video wall monitors.

Introducing our new team member Berry Berents

A new colleague has come to strengthen our team. Or more accurately: a familiar face. Berry Berents is a keen 35-year-old go-getter, who also worked for the company 12 years ago. 

24/7 workplaces and customised interior design produced with innovative 3D drawing software

The software enables us to draw our furniture and other products very accurately to virtual 360° 3D models.

Turnkey furnishing control room Liwa Plastics

For Liwa Plastics - a separate division of oil company Orpic in Oman - Brand Control Rooms has set up a large part of the new control room, with a surface area of 990 m2, on a turnkey basis.