Experience Center

Be inspired!

The possibilities for incident response and control rooms are developing very rapidly. We share the latest innovations through our unique Experience Center. A high-tech space of almost 1,000 square metres in size, where you can experience our products and innovations in person. 


This will give you the best possible impression of what is possible in the areas of design, ergonomics and technology and which of these options will contribute the most to your operational processes.


A succession of innovative 24/7 workspaces

The Experience Center contains a succession of innovative 24/7 workspaces in combination with the latest generations of audio-visual solutions and software-based management, a completely user-friendly concept that can be put to use in practice. Every aspect of a good control room set up is more than represented here. 

You will discover our own solutions in the fields of acoustics, high-tech video walls, computer floors, ergonomic 24/7 furniture, acoustic climate ceilings and (biodynamic) lighting. You can experience these and other products in a way that simulates an actual working situation. In real-life, but in virtual reality too. The VR animation makes it possible to walk around a virtual, completely laid-out, state-of-the-art control room, while you get information about the innovations present. 

Visit our fabrication space

When you visit our Experience Center, we will give you a look behind the scenes. Learn all about the complete manufacturing process and you will see how much artisanal skill is involved in realising all the technological innovations. Our designers will be more than happy to talk you through the 3D software that we use to create detailed 360° designs. These designs are immediately entered in our computer-controlled machines. This – combined with the artisanship of our interior fitters – is our guarantee for high-quality products. This is how we get the best from people and machines.

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Checklist for the layout of your control room

As well as a display of the latest developments, our Experience Center is also a good checklist for the layout of your control room. Through allowing your operators to explore the working environment in the Experience Center, they will get a good idea about the technologies and products that they need to be able to do their work ergonomically and with heightened concentration. This helps you to clarify all your operational wishes and demands. This is why many of our analysis processes take place in the Experience Center, like our Co-Creator©.

Our Studio

A control room in particular is a space in which calm and the right atmosphere must be introduced. The often cold, constructional materials employed in white or shades of grey do not contribute to the right atmosphere. This is why it is good to balance this with colour and materials that match a house style or are completely out of the box, but are part of the whole theme. Our creative visual designers are pleased to brainstorm with you to transform your space(s) into a contemporary design.

We can show you a 3D visualisation of the layout plan. If you want to go a step further, you can walk around in a 360-degree video or Virtual Reality. This allows you to experience a completely laid-out control room before this is a reality. This also means your operators can start to build enthusiasm for their future workspace!


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