Antibacterial work surfaces for the KMAR

Customised tables in line with the latest trends

In recent years, we have carried out many wonderful projects for Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (the Dutch Government Property Agency (RVB)). The most recent project was to set up the control room for the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary (Koninklijke Marechaussee (KMAR)). We designed, produced and supplied 27 identical custom-made ergonomic tables especially for this room.

A new feature is the use of antibacterial sheet material, from which we manufactured the worktops and technical cabinets for the tables. During the production process of the sheet material, active antibacterial substances are incorporated in the melamine resin. Because they are part of the material, they remain effective throughout the entire service life - even under constant high stress. The components become active on direct contact with the surface and prevent microorganisms from multiplying on it. The antibacterial component in the worktops does not replace cleaning, but it reduces the frequency of cleaning and the amount of disinfectant required. The solution in this Covid-19 period!

Furthermore, the tables follow the latest trend; the use of 2 large-screen 49” monitors instead of 2 rows with 4 23" monitors each. This way each large screen displays a quad of images. This eliminates all annoying monitor edges that you would normally have with the 8 smaller monitors. The control room staff thus have a clearer and quieter picture, without any interruptions from edges. Because trends change continuously, the console can be easily adapted to them. The flexible monitor support system can easily be adapted to the desired number of monitors to fit the dimensions of the workplace, regardless of the manufacture or size of the monitors. In this way, the KMAR is assured of a table that can also be easily adapted in the future.