Focus desk II customised for Covestro

Brand Control Rooms has been present on the Belgian market for some time now. With some pride we can say that most Belgian companies come to us through word of mouth, including the request from Covestro in Antwerp. Here they produce high-quality plastics, intermediates and additives for plastics used in the construction, electronics and automotive sectors.

At the location of the previous furniture, the concrete floor was fitted with a very large rectangular milled channel. From here, all cabling ran to the old furniture. Because the milled channel is a given and the floor was not adjusted, the new situation required a desk that would cover the channel. Therefore we produced a floor plate on which the straight model of the Focus desk II would stand.

Desk specifications

The worktop and monitor support system of the desk can be individually adjusted in height electrically. Cables can be fed directly into the table through cut-outs in the base plates of the spacious technical cabinets. From here, it runs through flexible cable tracks to the worktop and the monitor support system. Furthermore, we have equipped the work surface with an integrated shielded tray in which a Covesto button panel is placed. We also supplied a signal lamp. To cover the back of the monitors and the cabling, the monitor support system is fitted with a decorative wooden panel. Normally, we supply an upholstered panel for this, available in many fabric colours, but this was not possible at Covestro due to hygiene regulations. The entire desk is made of durable and easy-to-clean materials.