Innovative lighting solution for Shell

Human Centric Lighting influences people

Following other clients, Shell has also chosen for our Human Centric Lighting solution, also known as biodynamic lighting. This solution uses high quality LED lighting to simulate a day and night cycle in which daylight changes during the day from cool white light in the morning to warm white light in the evening. Human Centric Lighting thus influences and supports the human biorhythm.

- It is a form of light therapy
- Increases productivity
- Increases alertness
- Reduces fatigue
- Decreases depressive/ depressed feelings
- Improves sleep-wake rhythm
- Improves concentration
- Is very suitable for shift work!

Our specialist approach

In the market we often see solutions which are said to be Human Centric Lighting, but where in reality it is only about active lighting with a too low Kelvin of light output (Kelvin = unit of thermodynamic temperature). For Human Centric Lighting this is between 2700K and 6500K, also important is the right balance between the direct and indirect light. Shell has also found out that there are many suppliers in the market who are selling only active lighting, sometimes offered at disproportionate prices. Thanks to our distinctive approach and the right balance between price and quality, Shell also chose us. By means of sleek light lines and the application of innovative connectable design luminaires with direct and indirect light output, the rooms at Shell are now 24/7 optimally lighted with the right light rhythm.

As mentioned, good lighting advice and professional guidance is of great importance. This is because the wrong advice can have a negative impact, leading to loss of concentration or other physical complaints. Our specialists therefore provide advice from a medical perspective, which is translated into a customised and well-founded total solution. They specialise in making custom-made lighting designs with biologically activating lighting for rooms where people spend long periods of time and where there is little or no daylight. Custom made, because every situation is different. We make well-founded lighting designs, calculations and scenarios, working as follows:

- Drawing up a functional Programme of Requirements
- Developing lighting scenarios based on shifts
-  Adjusting lighting scenarios
- Testing against the NEN-EN12464-1 + ISO11064-6 standard
-  Testing against the DIN SPEC 67600:2013-04
-  User instruction and knowledge transfer
-  Aftercare*

* A few months after completion, our expert inquiries about the experiences and the reactions of the users. 

The project is only successful if it is widely supported!

As you can see, we supervise the entire process from beginning to end, including a bit of aftercare. Want to know more about what our Human Centric Lighting solution can do for your employees, please contact us. In a digital meeting we can show you our complete approach by means of a short presentation and zoom in on the possibilities for your situation.