Over 100 Brand ON24h chairs for Schiphol

How a simple idea became a market runner

A few years ago, we had the idea of bringing our own 24-hour chair to the market, with a contemporary, slim design that would provide users with optimum support for their work. A chair with a unique swing mechanism that not only moves forwards or backwards, but also ergonomically supports the body during sideways movements. Why have all those icons and adjustment options if users hardly ever use them? Especially when a chair is used intensively by several people in shifts. 

From the moment the Brand ON24h chair was introduced to the market, the chair has been a great success. Schiphol also lets its employees benefit from the unique ergonomic support. In the meantime, 15 chairs have been delivered, with more than 100 in use.

The Brand ON24h chairs for Schiphol are intended for baggage control staff. These employees work very intensive shifts, in which they are expected to check all baggage that passes them on a screen for suspicious contents, using scanning equipment. This requires so much concentration that such a shift cannot be done while sitting behind the screen for more than 20 minutes. Then other colleagues take over. This means that the same chair is used by many different people. It is therefore important that the chair can be easily and quickly adjusted to suit the personal preferences of the users so that they are optimally supported in their work. The Brand ON24h chair more than fulfils these requirements. Despite intensive use, the chairs have remained functional for more than 2 years without malfunctioning.