Realisation new control room for TU Delft

TU Delft chooses our Focus desk with integrated personal video wall.

Following a tendering process System Integrator Regel Partners in partnership with Brand was awarded the contract for the redesign of the central control room. Regel Partners, the main contractor for the entire implementation, will supply an umbrella security management system (SMS) for the integration of the security systems already in use, including video integration in a video wall, with Brand Control Rooms supplying the new ergonomic furniture.

For the filling of the 24/7 workplaces we have used our modular and widely sold Brand Focus Desk with a personal video wall, equipped with 4 large video wall monitors. The worktop, monitor support system and personal video wall are independently electrically height-adjustable (sit/stand). In this way, the user can quickly adjust the three components to the desired height at any time according to his/her preference, while maintaining the required ergonomic viewing angles and distances on the monitors and the large-screen monitors. 

From the modern desks, the employees can monitor the TU Delft campus in a responsible manner, which is quite a job in itself if you consider that some 27,000 people stay there every day. With a size of over 161 hectares, the campus is larger than the city centre of Delft (The Netherlands) and is one of the largest university campuses in the world. The control room is therefore in use 24/7, requiring adequate and concentrated work in the event of incidents and calamities. Here, the Focus desk, in combination with the SMS of Regel Partners, offers the staff the highest level of support at times when it is really needed.