Radboudumc (hospital) is ready for a crisis or emergency

In addition to the implementation of a new control room management system, the space has been renovated and provided with contemporary workspaces that completely support the processes.

Radboudumc or Radboud University Medical Centre is an academic hospital in Nijmegen that collaborates with Radboud University. The hospital has around 1100 beds, around 11,000 employees and sees around 100,000 patients annually. It offers various courses to more than 3000 students. Radboudumc has multiple entrances and various addresses. From a central control room, housed in the complex, the complex is monitored and guarded.

Implementation of new approach

In 2019, the introduction of the new Control Room management system was initiated. In 2020, this system was the basis for information and communication during, for example, emergencies. In the new Control Room, we boost the collaboration with the control rooms for the Information Management (ICT) and Property Maintenance (building management) departments. To support the control room employees even better in the performance of their work, we were asked to supply new workspaces. To reach a well-considered decision, Radboud opted for our consultancy approach.

Our pragmatic consultancy approach

To reach an effective design, we offer the assistance of our consultants to arrive at an appropriate concept. We developed our own patented design tools for this, like the TUNASSĀ®, that transform an operational workflow and tasks into a functional design quickly and in a structured manner. With this approach, and together with the stakeholders, we arrive at a design of the actually necessary furniture and the new layout of the space(s) to facilitate effective, safe and healthy working conditions. In addition to spatial layout, we consider access and escape routes, sight and communication lines, work processes, lighting, climate control and acoustics. In around 85% of the projects we have delivered, the client opted for a consultancy approach with us.  

Based on the definitive design from the TUNASSĀ®, Radboud had its control room adapted and we designed and manufactured the desks with personal video walls, as well as all the other furniture. Thanks to the choice of colours and materials, the space now has a calm and welcoming appearance.