Focus Desk 1
Geluid absorberend paneel
Vele slimme kabelmanagement oplossingen
Ruime, 2-zijdig toegankelijke techniekkast
Flexibel indeelbaar monitorframe voor 1 of 2 rijen monitoren
Ergonomisch design met beveiligde zit/sta verstelling

Desk I

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The Focus Desk model I is an innovative, high-quality control desk. The desk’s design is completely in line with ergonomic user-friendliness. 

The most comprehensive control desk for every sector

It is an efficient workspace, where high-concentration work can be performed safely and healthily, ideal for security, process monitoring and dealing rooms. The worktop can be finished with an antibacterial surface so that the desk is also suitable for medium-care spaces in, for example, the food industry.

Maximum worktop 2.8 metres

You can choose a straight work surface or a more ergonomically shaped worktop with a curve. The worktop dimensions run from 2 metres (wide), the maximum width is 2.8 metres. The Focus Desk model I is the smallest model in our range and suitable for relatively small workspaces with a limited number of monitors. Ultimately, the required number of monitors determines the final dimensions of the worktop.

Up to a maximum of 10 monitors

The monitor frame is suitable for various sizes of monitors and can accommodate a maximum of two rows of five 24-inch monitors (standard) or a single row of maximum 2 55-inch monitors. The monitors are shielded with an acoustic panel on the rear, which does not just have a decorative function but also contributes to better speech clarity. Thanks to the desk’s split-level design, the monitors are independent of the motorised height-adjustable worktop, for seated or standing position. The motorised depth adjustment of the monitors is available as an option.

Design fine-tuned to the working environment

The design can be harmonised completely to meet your personal preferences and working environment. The desk is available in many colours. The shape and dimensions of the worktop can be supplied as desired, so that a single unit is created if multiple desks are placed next to each other. Thanks to the high-end finish, it is also possible to place two Focus Desks back to back.

Focus Desk 1 [2023][opstellingESD]
Focus Desk 1 [nieuweKleur][2]
Focus Desk 1 [nieuweKleur]
Focus Desk 1 - 3
Focus 1 + focus 2 - 20230321_131930

Optimum cable management

The design of the Focus Desk model I has excellent cable management. The cable duct is integrated under the worktop, so that all the 230V outlet sockets and cables are tidied away. The flexible cable sleeves run along the wings of the frame and roll and unroll safely. From the frame, the cabling runs into the naturally ventilated technical cabinet, which has 19-inch racks for the installation of various pieces of equipment. Data and power cables can be fed through and connected from the floor via openings in the bottom of the cabinet. One of the strong points is the accessibility for servicing and maintenance.

Focus Desk 1 - 5
Focus Desk 1 - 4
Focus Desk 1 - onderBureau [2]

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Make your workspace more complete

Let us make your workspace even more complete with pre-installed electrical sockets, audio, lighting or professional 24/7 monitors. We can also supply personal video walls and MOS or ESD cabinets. Our professional and certified electrical solutions work according to the Plug & Play principle: from electrical modules for on or in the worktop to mounted power sockets and fully equipped DIN rails for fitting out technical cabinets. Thanks to the modular nature of our products, configurations can always be tailored to match individual preferences.