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The Secure Desk has many useful features. 

Secure Desk, playful design with great potential

Although the desk takes up relatively little space, the smart design offers an infinite number of possibilities. For your operators, but also for the installation and placing of technology and equipment.

Suitable for every posture

The Secure Desk is suitable for all sizes of monitors. The monitor frame can accommodate a maximum of two rows of four 24-inch monitors (standard) or for example one row of three 27-inch monitors. Thanks to the desk’s split-level design, the monitors are independent of the motorised worktop that can be adjusted from seated to standing height. Through positioning the monitor support system partly under the worktop height, the users are always assured of the best possible sight lines, no matter their posture.

Design fine-tuned to the working environment

The basic model is simple to transform into a contemporary looking desk, the Secure Plus desk, equipped with many features. The desk is available in a whole range of colours and material finishes. The wings with integrated LED lighting give this desk eye-catching appeal. Thanks to the clean design, there is also the option of placing two Secure Desks back to back.

SecurePlusDesk 3
SecurePlusDesk 2
SecurePlusDesk 3
SecureDesk - 3
SecureDesk - 6
SecureDesk - 4

Optimum cable management

The design of the Secure Desk ensures perfect cable management. The desk has been provided with a variety of cable ducts and flexible sleeves. From the frame, the cabling runs into the naturally ventilated technical cabinet, which has 19-inch racks for the installation of various pieces of equipment. Data and power cables can be fed through and connected from the floor via openings in the bottom of the cabinet. One of the strong points is the accessibility for servicing and maintenance.

SecureDesk - 5
SecureDesk - 6
SecureDesk - 1

Make your workspace even more complete

Let us make your workspace even more complete with pre-installed electrical sockets, audio, lighting or professional 24/7 monitors. We can also supply personal video walls and MOS or ESD cabinets. Our professional and certified electrical solutions work according to the Plug & Play principle: from electrical modules for on or in the worktop to mounted power sockets and fully equipped DIN rails for fitting out technical cabinets. Thanks to the modular nature of our products, configurations can always be tailored to match individual preferences.